Complimentary Consultation

We use hard (strip-less) wax on sensitive areas for the most comfortable treatment you've ever had.

You haven't had skin this smooth since pre-school!

Serving Men,Women and Teens

Certain areas should NEVER be tweezed or waxed; or they will come back stronger and WILL bring new friends.

We offer expert body waxing services for instant hair removal and electrolysis, permanent hair removal services to men, women, and young adults in a private, relaxed environment.
We are a certified Amber PHD Center, the only one in the greater Delafield area. We utilize state-of-the-art Amber PHD soft/strip waxing technology assuring our clients a gentler, more comfortable form of waxing that is totally hygienic with zero risk of cross contamination. PHD means Professional Hygienic and Disposable.

We offer both hard (stripless) wax and soft (strip) wax treatments and never upcharge for hard wax use.

Our staff is made up of waxing specialists. We can accommodate your treatment needs and schedule. Our state licensed estheticians and/or Wisconsin State licensed electrologists (RE or LE designations) and nationally certified (CPE or Certified Professional Electrologist). We seek continuing educational opportunities to ensure our clients' comfort and effective treatment choices.

We belong to the various professional organizations to help keep our treatments cutting edge.

For the convenience of our clients we accept personal checks and of course cash. We also offer treatment package savings, pre-paid treatment discounts, and referral bonuses!
We are pleased to offer services for both face and body work and body waxing. We really can remove hair from just about anywhere forever or in time for the weekend.
Call for your complimentary consultation to discuss your hair removal needs today!